1,5 billion archives

At the beginning of 2016, we were celebrating with our customers 1 billion of archives on our platform. A little bit more than 1 year after, the strong growth of the activity, allowed us to deal with 1 million of archive every day and to reach the milestone of 1,5 billion archives.

CDC Arkhinéo is certified ISO 27001

Cyberattacks against companies are in constant evolution. Threatens are multiplying, companies must fight against data theft, intrusions, industrial espionage, hacking, leak, phishing, ransomware etc.

6 fundamental criteria to select an Electronic Archiving solution with probative value

You have passed a milestone of dematerialization by putting in place a dematerialized contracting process? Now you should think further. 

Archiving legal obligations of documents apply for original paper documents as well as for original numeric documents (and for the exact same retention period). Therefor you have to think about possessing an Electronic Archiving solution with probative value.

CDC Arkhineo joins the professional association eFutura

CDC Arkhineo, trusted third party of archiving solutions has decided to join the professional association eFutura. One of the key elements behind this decision are that eFutura is not only a providers’ association but an association which wants to represent all the actors involved in digital transition. 

eiDAS change the codes of electronic archiving

1st July 2016 is a date to remember in the history of electronic transactions. It has opened the gates of a true European market for electronic Trust Services (eTS) with the application of an European regulation,eIDAS.  If the original intent is laudable, a part of this new regulation (Qualified preservation service) has also caused a confusion for the organizations.