Release Note

Each year CDC Arkhinéo publishes three new major versions of its electronic archiving platform.

In December, we published the Winter 18 version (V.2.3). 



The following features have been added: 


• Drawing up asynchronous statistics from the MyArkhinéo consultation portal: 

MyArkhinéo already provided the possibility of creating statistics from the portal. In an aim to optimise the service (and enable you to launch important processes with peace of mind, such as those relating to the analysis of archives at the end of their storage period so as to anticipate decisions), we have made it possible to run statistics asynchronously, systematically from the moment when the process run takes longer than 10 seconds. While the statistics are being run, you can continue to browse the portal or even exit it. Once the statistics are ready, you will be alerted by an email containing a redirection link to the results page. 


• Planning statistics from the MyArkhinéo consultation portal: 

You can now schedule your statistics so that they are run when you wish. All the date combinations are available. You can also choose to run statistics on a one-off basis or periodically. When your statistics are run, you will receive an email alert with a summary of your schedule as well as the link to the results page. 


• Y archiving: 

Y archiving is a feature that enables you to archive a document simultaneously in a main space as well as in one or more secondary archiving spaces. 

For certain sectors, this feature is essential. For example, in the context of insurance contracts sold by brokers. The insurer and the broker both need to store an original copy. However, these two parties have different obligations in terms of the storage period for the contract. With Y archiving, the insurer and the broker each have their own copy of the contract in their archiving space and can therefore comply with their own archiving policy and store documents for the corresponding periods. 

Y archiving can be done in two or more different spaces. 

This was already available for some of our partners and we now have now made it a standard feature in MyArkhinéo and our WebAPI. 


• Accessibility: 

In order to ensure that the MyArkhinéo Upload and Consultation portal is accessible to physically disabled people, CDC Arkhinéo has incorporated the requirements of European standard ETSI EN 301 549 into its interface: "Accessibility requirements suitable for public procurement of ICT products and services in Europe".

This standard (compliance with which is also required within the framework of the European eIDAS Regulation) specifies the conditions that must be met for people with a physical disability (such as a visual or motor disability) to be able to use interfaces and websites. It stipulates many rules which aim to make the site more accessible in terms of browsing, visual appearance, etc. 

It is important to note that these new features are part of an 'upward compatibility' approach (your developments will not be called into question in terms of API interfaces).


If you are a CDC Arkhinéo client and you would like to receive the Winter 18 Release Note with all the technical conditions, please contact us by mail :