archive sharing with CDC Arkhineo
CDC Arkhineo offer the “archive sharing”

Sometimes, it is necessary to provide an access to the archived documents to some persons which don’t have an account on MyArkhineo



For example, in case of dispute, or an audit, the juridical department needs to have access to several elements (invoices, contracts …)


Archive sharing allows to share several archives to a person which doesn’t have an account. It avoids sending the documents per email and to meet some problems: the size of the email, security issues etc. 


Archive sharing is an option to activated that the administrator of CDC Arkhineo attributes to a user. For security reasons, administrator must define the user which can share the archives to a third person and he also needs to define the space which are concerned. 


Then the user can share for a determined time (max 90 days) one or several archives to an external user. He must furnish the email address and the phone number of the external user to share the archive. The phone number is used for a multi factor authentication. 


An email including a link is send to the external user allowing him to register to MyArkhineo. The link is valid for 30 days. For its first connexion, the external user need to create its account but the multi factor authentication is used at each connexion. 


The recipient can now access to all the shared documents. He can also consult the associated proof elements (certificate of compliance, the archive in XML format, the metadata etc.)